Farmacia della pelle

Dermocosmetics for skin care

If you are looking for healing cosmetic products for skin or hair, you are in the right place.

In Farmacia della Pelle you will find safe and effective solutions to address and combat various types of skin problems, helping you regain the well-being and youthful appearance of your skin.

Explore our selection of products created by our scientific team starting from carefully selected raw materials made by Kalis, entirely in Italy

the most LOVED products

Dermocosmetics, born from years of research and study in the scientific field.
Selected raw materials and proven effectiveness.
Entirely produced in Italy in our Kalis laboratories.

Lettere di profumo

The perfumes in the CUORE collection contain 5 types of different fragrances: from the softest to the most enveloping.

Each perfume will be able to transport you on a unique sensorial journey to enhance your personality and charm.

Whether you are looking for a touch of sweetness, an explosion of freshness or an enveloping sensuality, with Lettere di Profumo you will find the perfect fragrance for every occasion.

Food supplements

Our supplements are designed to provide essential nutritional elements and to counteract possible irregularities or imbalances that may physiologically appear over time or occur during certain seasons or moments of life.

Available in various formats, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Why choose Farmacia della Pelle products?

Dermatologically tested

Vegetable origin

Tested effectiveness

NO parabens and petrolatum

Healing products